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Metronews : dictionnaire de la culture du viol


Donc hier en page 2 du Metronews, la culture du viol s’étale gaiement sous le titre : Prostitution des ados, “un malaise actuel”.

Pour mieux appréhender le phénomène, retour sur trois expressions liées à ces nouvelles formes de prostitution chez les jeunes.

Et là, Metronews va nous apprendre…


Mentally ill people are not the problem.  Inaccessible, unaffordable health care is the problem. Stigma is the problem. Lack of treatment is a problem. Lack of understanding is the problem. Lack of compassion is the problem. Not taking people seriously is the problem. Lack of honest conversation and open dialogue is a problem. Using jails as a housing facility for mentally ill persons is a problem.  Do you understand me. Mentally ill people are not the problem.

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Tony Luong


religious homophobes think that as long as they’re polite about their hateful views it’s not gonna count as hate well it does and it literally kills people and you stay silent with that “I love you but I don’t support your lifestyle” you don’t fucking deserve the right to say you love us it’s a goddamn LIE

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"Traditionally, [black women] have always been perceived as undesirable or over-sexual. So as black women in this culture … somebody else is always framing our sexuality. And so there’s something to seeing Beyoncé claiming that image of the hypersexual black woman for herself, playing with it, performing it —and performing it in a longer tradition of black women performing it."

— Janell Hobson, Beyoncé Doesn’t Perform for the Male Gaze - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

"Marcus sees Beyoncé through the historical lens of feminist performance art, which is not staged for the male gaze, but rather attempts to explore the relationship between that gaze, female bodies, and female fantasies."

Beyoncé Doesn’t Perform for the Male Gaze - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

Beehive shaped structures: Shade and storage built by women in the Sudan

Junk Bones by Grace Kubilius
your fave is problematic: frank ocean


  • too fine
  • rumored to have hooked up with willy cartier but we didnt get to see them together at any red carpet 
  • hasn’t dropped an album since the french revolution 

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we live in a world where pizza gets to your house before the police.

That’s because the pizza guy has consequences if his job is done incorrectly.

Oh snap

shots fired

but not by the pizza guy


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when can androgyny stop being portrayed as such a specific style

like ok. apparently you have to be skinny, thin, white, and masculine to be considered by society as non binary or androgynous???


androgyny is so fucking fat phobic and racist and anti feminine and that needs to be dismantled nOW

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how……..d.o……………you……shoot…………………….16………times…………in.self………….defense………how………do ……. ………you….. … …….. ………mistake a sand.which………..for a gun……………

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the kid was running AWAY from the police officer and the police mistook his sandwich for a gun? there was no audible sound of bullets? he was holding a sandwich and not a gun? an off duty police officer shot an unarmed KID that was running away from him 16 times and claims that HE…


a lot of people dont understand how draining all of this is for black people. every day we wake up to find another one of our children murdered for absolutely no reason. and then on top of that, we have to watch their murderers get acquitted or found “not guilty” like do you know how tiring that is? how upsetting it is to see one of your people die in vain? and then on top of that, we have to deal with ignorant racists on the internet or on television or even just walking through the store. you might hear someone say “he deserved it” or “the killer had the right to protect himself”. protect himself from what exactly? a child holding some skittles? or a kid wearing a hoodie? like what are you so worried about? because in all honesty, we’re more scared of you than you are of us. because you get to murder us and get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. you are the villains.

not Trayvon Martin, not Mike Brown, not Sean Bell, not Oscar Grant, not Eric Garner, not Jordan Davis.

not them.

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Yamamoto Moe performing Butoh in the Kanazawa Dance Hall.